• Clicking, popping, or grinding in the jaw.
  • Jaw, ear, or neck pain.
  • Headaches.
  • A sensation of a locked jaw.
  • Ringing in the ears.
  • Feeling that your bite is off.


TMJ treatment options

TMJ disorder can be caused by various underlying factors, ranging from simple lifestyle habits to arthritis or injuries. Like all dental care that he provides, Dr. Blackburn will tailor your TMJ treatment plan to your specific needs based on a thorough evaluation, which may include one or more of the following options:

  • An oral appliance or orthodontic therapy: Misalignment in the teeth or jaw can contribute to TMJ disorder because the teeth are not biting down properly, placing extra force on the sensitive tissues. With a customized oral appliance or orthodontic treatment, the teeth can be brought into correct alignment, reducing pain and other TMJ symptoms.
  • Night guard for clenching and grinding: Many people clench and grind their teeth at night (called bruxism), which can cause damage to not only the TMJs but also your teeth and other oral structures. With a custom-made mouthguard, you can protect your teeth and get relief from TMJ pain.
  • Lifestyle changes: Daily habits such as chewing gum, chewing on hard objects, or even sitting with poor posture can put unnecessary stress on the joints.
  • Stress reduction techniques: Tension in the TMJs and surrounding muscles can contribute to pain, and stress reduction techniques such as meditation, yoga, or seeing a therapist can help relieve symptoms.


While the above options can help many patients find relief, some may require more advanced treatment options such as surgery if the joint is physically damaged due to arthritis or injury. Dr. Richard Blackburn will perform an in-depth consultation and evaluation to help you understand the best treatment options for your needs.

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Dr. Richard Blackburn is a highly sought after dentist in Los Alamitos. Having received training at Midwestern University, he earned a strong reputation amongst his instructors and peers as an exceptionally skilled and professional clinician. He possesses extensive training and experience in wisdom teeth extractions, root canals, restorations, implant placement, sleep, and TMJ analysis, among other general dentistry treatments. In addition to enjoying family time, he loves to visit the beach. Being born and raised in Southern Orange County, he is keen to give back to the community and strives to build lasting relationships through comfortable, customized, and high-quality dental treatments.