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Severely damaged or missing teeth can take an enormous toll on your daily life, affecting your ability to eat your favorite foods, speak coherently, and smile with confidence. Whether you’ve already lost several teeth or you need to have a few teeth removed, you may be a good candidate for removable dentures. At Volterra Dental in Los Alamitos, California, we provide comprehensive dental restoration solutions, including complete and partial removable dentures, for patients in the Orange County area. To learn more, call the office at (562) 596-7484, or request an appointment online today.

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Dentures Q & A


Dentures are a custom-created removable dental appliance that replaces missing teeth and restores full functionality and appearance to your mouth. They are an ideal solution for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth, either from severe tooth decay, advanced gum disease, or some type of traumatic injury.

The restorative dentist at Volterra Dental offers a complete range of removable dentures to fit your specific needs, including:

  • Complete Dentures: Also known as conventional or full dentures, this appliance replaces a complete set of top teeth or bottom teeth. Complete dentures have a gum-colored base that’s lined with an adhesive to help it stay in place on your gums.
  • Partial Dentures: This type replaces a group of missing teeth across your upper or lower jaw. Because partial dentures are clipped to your natural teeth for extra support, they stay firmly in place.
  • Overdentures: This complete, removable appliance also replaces a full set of top or bottom teeth. But instead of simply resting on your gums, it fits over dental implants that are surgically set into your jawbone. Overdentures are more stable than traditional dentures because they don’t slip out of place. The team at Volterra Dental offers two different types of overdentures — implant-retained dentures and implant-supported dentures. They can help you choose the type that’s best for you.


If you need to have any teeth removed to prepare for complete or partial dentures, you can only wear them once your gum tissues have healed fully. If you’ve been told that you have to wait before you can wear dentures, either because your gums are healing or your custom-made appliance hasn’t yet arrived for fitting, the team at Volterra Dental provides you with custom temporary dentures.

Wearing a temporary appliance allows you to eat normally and maintain your appearance while you wait for your mouth to heal or your custom-made dentures to arrive. Just like other types of dentures, temporary dentures are removable.


Dentures are more comfortable, more natural-looking, longer-lasting, and easier to maintain than ever before. Because the technology used to make them is incredibly flexible, dentures can provide a solution to a wide range of problems related to missing teeth.

If you aren’t a good candidate for dental implants — either because your jawbone isn’t adequate or you can’t undergo a surgical procedure — dentures are probably your best treatment option. We explain all your treatment options and help you choose the restoration that’s right for you.

To learn more about dentures and other restorative options, call Volterra Dental at (562) 596-7484 today, or make an appointment using the convenient online appointment request feature.