4 Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry

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It’s okay to be nervous about going to the dentist. Many people are. However, it’s unnecessary, since procedures are painless with contemporary anesthetics. Plus, sedation dentistry helps even the most anxious patients relax.

At Volterra Dental in Los Alamitos, California, we offer our patients a choice of sedation techniques to ease through dental anxiety or nervousness. We’re sedation dentistry specialists, offering inhaled, intravenous (IV), and oral sedative options for your comfort. 

There are good reasons for choosing sedation when you’re nervous about dental offices and the work you’re having done. If you’re not already considering easing your experience, we’ve prepared this list of four reasons to consider sedation dentistry. Read through the list and then contact us to schedule your first worry-free appointment.  

1. Dental care is important for your overall health

It’s easy to think that dental care is separate from other aspects of your health. After all, you go to your primary care physician for everything else. Even with other health issues, though, your family doctor calls in specialists when needed. Consider Volterra Dental your oral health specialist. 

The condition of your teeth and gums can affect other aspects of your overall wellness far away from your mouth. Consider these health conditions that have a connection to your oral health: 

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Sjogren’s syndrome and dry mouth
  • Pregnancy

Sometimes, oral health issues cause other problems. Other times, other health problems affect your mouth. Either way, regular dental care is a whole-health preventive therapy. 

2. Skipping appointments makes anxiety worse

You might struggle to force yourself to go to dental appointments. Perhaps you’ll find reasons to cancel or reschedule. Those missed appointments may be playing into your fears. Generally speaking, regular dental care prevents the types of dental work you worry about most. 

Cavities, root canals, and deep cleanings are just three examples of the more intense procedures you may require after missing regular check-ups. Choosing sedation to get through the routine procedures helps you to avoid major work. 

3. Banishes your gag reflex

We get it. Dentistry is, by definition, in your face. You may feel claustrophobic with a mouth full of instruments and your gag reflex might be easily triggered in such a situation. An effect of common dental sedation methods is the virtual elimination of your gag reflex. You won’t be concerned about the process so there’s no feeling of choking or claustrophobia. 

4. Time passes quickly

When you’re tense and worried about the process of your dental appointment, it seems to take forever. Sedation compresses time for you by removing tension. It’s common for patients to drift off into light sleep. You may not even remember portions of your dental work. A 20-minute appointment feels like 20 minutes or less and not an hours-long ordeal. 

Find out more about sedation dentistry by meeting with the team at Volterra Dental. Book your appointment online or call the office. Regular dental care is crucial for your health. Take the first step and schedule a visit today.