6 Problems that Veneers Resolve

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The perfect smile may exist naturally, but few of us are blessed with one. Instead, the average mouth is a collection of small irregularities, none of which are a problem on their own, but together, they add up to a collection of issues, which in turn means a collection of treatments to correct. 

There is, however, a single dental approach that covers a wide range of these conditions that detract from your smile. Visit us at Volterra Dental to learn more about the capability of porcelain veneers. These thin wafers fit over your natural teeth, and they’re custom-made to achieve the smile results you’re after. Let’s take a look at six problems that veneers resolve. 

1. Brilliant whiteness

If you’re after a blindingly bright smile, then veneers may be your best option. Because veneers sit over your original tooth enamel, you’re not limited to the color of your natural teeth. You can choose the color of your veneers anywhere for a slight brightening over your natural color to a brilliant shade beyond the best dental office whitening.  

2. Individual tooth discoloration

Food and drink can stain your natural teeth, but that’s usually in a uniform way. Sometimes, you may be satisfied with your smile except for one or two teeth with unusual discolorations, perhaps tetracycline staining or white spots from overexposure to fluoride. These stains generally don’t respond to teeth whitening treatments. Veneers can be matched to your unaffected teeth to eliminate the impact of these stains. 

3. Crooked teeth

You might have small alignment issues that don’t warrant treatment with braces or Invisalign®. By custom-designing your veneers, we can even out minor alignment issues. Each individual veneer is made to match your needs, so they can work together as a set to smooth out mild crookedness. 

4. Closing gaps

While there are such things as quirky-cute tooth gaps, you may prefer not to have yours. Besides, they can sometimes be a dental hygiene issue. Shaping adjacent veneers can fill such gaps with a natural and balanced final appearance. 

5. Damage repair

Cracks and chips don’t always compromise a tooth completely, though they can introduce weakness. You run a greater risk of further damage to the tooth in the future. Covering the tooth with a veneer adds strength and support. Your natural tooth remains protected and viable. 

6. Misshapen teeth

It’s possible that you have a tooth or two that didn’t get the memo about overall shape. These stand out in the crowd, being pointy, flatter, or rounder than their neighbors. Other times, you’re a woman with squared-off teeth or a man with a rounded set, and the appearance just isn’t right. Veneers have the ability to change the shape of your teeth if that’s the missing touch to maximize your smile. 

Veneers are a smile makeover powerhouse, a single technique that replaces several additional treatments. Book a consultation with Dr. Richard Blackburn and the team at Volterra Dental by phone or online to discuss how veneers can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.