Can Invisalign Treatment Help Los Alamitos Area Patients With Straightening Teeth?

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Patients in Los Alamitos, Californian’s who are unhappy with the alignment of their smile may hear about teeth straightening services and treatments such as Invisalign. Invisalign is one of many tray aligner therapies that are used to reposition teeth into alignment without the use of more traditional orthodontic measures. With Invisalign, patients wear discreet trays during the day and night to gently move teeth and address misalignment from the natural dental arch curvature. Dr. Richard Blackburn and his team at Volterra Dental find that many patients are excited to learn about this orthodontic alternative.

How does Invisalign work?

Dr. Richard Blackburn describes Invisalign as a series of customized trays that are made of medical-grade plastics. The trays are made to fit around the patient’s teeth, moving them with gentle pressure. Patients will receive an entire series of Invisalign trays to use during their treatment, wearing each one for two weeks before progressing onward. When patients comply with the treatment, they will notice gradual changes over time and achieve their dream smile in about one year.

Why Invisalign?

There are many reasons why patients love Invisalign, but the primary desire for this treatment is to realign the smile without having to undergo years of metal bracket and wire braces. Adult patients who are in routine social situations or in a high-powered career may want to improve their smile, but do not want to hide behind metal to do so. With Invisalign, patients can discreetly realign their teeth while appearing as though they are not having any orthodontic work done at all. Invisalign trays are also removable, making it easier than ever for patients to brush and floss their teeth as they normally do during their smile transition.

How many trays are in an Invisalign series?

The number of trays that a patient has in their Invisalign series will vary depending on the severity of their misalignment and the amount of time needed to get teeth properly aligned into the dental arch. Many patients who are already visiting Dr. Richard Blackburn of Volterra Dental for dental treatments can ask him about this treatment as well if they are interested.

Where can I find out if I am a candidate for Invisalign?

The best way to determine if an individual is a good candidate for Invisalign is to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Richard Blackburn of Volterra Dental in Los Alamitos, California. The office is located at 3532 Howard Avenue, Suite #200, and accepts new patients.

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