How to Prepare for Oral Surgery in Los Alamitos, CA

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Oral surgery is more common than you can imagine and is performed for various reasons, including smile restoration, placing dental implants, and tooth extraction.

Whatever the cause of your oral surgery, you have to prepare for it just like any other surgery. Volterra Dental, located in Los Alamitos, CA, led by Dr. Richard Blackburn, are oral surgery authorities. If you are looking for such services in the region, they should be your first choice.

Here is how to prepare for oral surgery in Los Alamitos 

Talk About Your Surgery in Detail with Your Dental Surgeon

You must have all the information about the oral surgery procedurethat you will be undergoing sometime before the day of the surgery. You can get all the information from your dental surgeon. Ask them to be detailed about how long the surgery will take and the expected recovery time. Having all this information will help you prepare psychologically for it all.

Ask About the Eating and Drinking Rules

While talking to your dental surgeon, ask them about the eating and drinking rules for your surgery. Generally, you are not supposed to eat or drink anything 6 to 8 hours before the surgery if you are under general anesthesia. On the other hand, if you will be under local anesthesia, you can eat lightly about two hours before the surgery. Dr. Richard Blackburn pointed out that if you have a meal before the surgery, you will have to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly before the surgery begins. 

Arrange Your Post-Operative Care

Before the surgery, you must have a post-operative care plan at hand. This plan should include:

  • How you will travel home after the surgery
  • What foods are safe to eat
  • The drinks you are allowed to consume
  • The medication you will take
  • How you sustain yourself during recovery

If you are undergoing major oral surgery procedures, make sure you have someone to look after you for the first few days of your recovery.

Volterra Dental of Los Alamitos, CA, offers a wide variety of oral surgeries done by experienced practitioners led by Dr. Richard Blackburn. You can book an appointment for oral surgery by calling (562) 501-3188.

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