The Benefits of Dental Membership

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At Volterra Dental, we offer dental membership plans, a way to provide you with consistent dental care at affordable prices, hundreds of dollars less than the individual services would cost over a typical year. 

Though you may be used to dental insurance, our dental membership plans offer a different model for dental care, offering a range of benefits that eclipse the typical insurance experience. When you consider our version of concierge dentistry, we think you’ll be surprised by the convenience and savings. 

What is concierge care?

A common concept in primary medical care, concierge medicine typically works on a monthly retainer basis. You pay for premium access to your primary healthcare provider with perks like same-day appointments and routine diagnostic tests included. 

Of course, dentistry is a specialized field with more routine treatments, so the concierge concept works best with a different model that’s more in line with the dental services you already enjoy while offering benefits that make the details of dental care more affordable and convenient. Let’s take a look at the benefits of our dental membership plans. 

Predictable pricing

Instead of monthly billing, our prophylactic plan, covering most patients with basic dental needs, bills annually at $386 the first year and $376 for each consecutive year. This price includes two full dental exams with cleanings and X-rays as needed. 

Cost savings

This may include all of your current dental care. With a good oral care routine at home, our Prophy plan may be all many patients need to keep their smile in top form. Individually, the services provided with this plan would cost $675, which means you save more than 40% by choosing our dental membership.  

No co-pays

Your membership is a complete purchase. There are no prorated co-pays that leave you out of pocket after an exam and cleaning. 

No insurance forms

Another advantage over dental insurance is the complete absence of forms. Book your appointment, have your exam, and get on with your life. Once you make your annual payment, your paperwork is done for the year. 

The Perio plan

For patients with gum disease, more intensive dental care is often needed. Our plan for periodontal patients includes two regular exams as well as three periodontal maintenance visits at a cost of $450 annually ($430 for subsequent years), also more than 40% off the individual services billed separately. 

Additional service discounts

We also offer additional discounts for select services to our dental plan members. 

Children’s plan

For children between the ages of 3 and 14, we offer the complete Prophy membership plan for a reduced rate of $340 ($330). 

Regular dental care is important. Delays due to insurance red tape or concern over costs don’t help your oral hygiene. Compare your current costs for dental services, insurance, co-pays, and sporadic care and we think you’ll agree that, for many, our dental memberships are simply a better way to secure the dental care your family needs. 

Inquire by phone or book an appointment online to learn more about Volterra Dental’s membership plans. We’re standing by, ready to help you. Act now.