What Are My Options for Cosmetic Veneers?

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Given the power a great smile has to make a first impression, it’s no surprise that cosmetic dental procedures are in high demand. When you want to ramp up the brightness beyond where a dental office whitening treatment can go, cosmetic dental veneers may be your best option. 

While veneers are great for a glowing white smile, that’s just the beginning of their transformational super powers. Consult with Volterra Dental in Los Alamitos, California, to learn more about your veneer options. 

What are dental veneers? 

If the word “veneer” brings to mind a thin layer of material glued on top of another surface, then you already understand how cosmetic dental veneers work. Typically made from porcelain, dental veneers cement onto the visible surface of teeth to correct certain natural tooth conditions that may interfere with the impact of your smile. 

Porcelain closely matches the translucent appearance of your natural teeth. A single veneer can be made to match your existing teeth, or a set of veneers can improve on the appearance of your entire smile. Porcelain is also the best veneer material for resisting staining from foods and beverages. 

What are my options for cosmetic veneers? 

You may choose dental veneers for a range of cosmetic upgrades to your smile. Even though veneers specialize in boosting the aesthetics of your smile, they can also perform functional reinforcement. Here are some of the most common options for dental veneers. 

Tooth discoloration

Even the best dentist’s whitening treatment can’t help some discolored teeth. A tooth can become discolored after a root canal or with excessive fluoride exposure. Some drugs like tetracycline can stain teeth, too. Veneers bring back these teeth to top condition. 

Gummy smile

When the proportion of teeth and gums favor the soft tissue, your teeth can look small and your gums are prominent. Veneers can lengthen the visible portion of a tooth, pushing back the gumline. 

Chip and crack repair

Chipped and cracked teeth are sometimes still viable, but they’re also easily damaged. Capping these teeth with cosmetic veneers not only hides unsightly damage, they also reinforce and protect the teeth, adding strength against future accidents. 


Veneers are custom designed for your conditions, so if you have gaps between your teeth that you’d rather not have, asymmetrical veneers can close those gaps with a balanced and natural look. Adjacent veneers split the space difference and when cemented in place, the gap disappears. 

Minor alignments

Similarly, some tooth alignment issues are too small for the time and expense of orthodontics or clear aligners. Again, using the custom design abilities of dental veneers can smooth out irregularities of tooth length or alignment. You can even change the shape of teeth, perhaps rounding the edges if you’re a woman, or squaring them off when you’re a man. 

Your veneer options may not be endless, but they’re very versatile. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Blackburn and the team at Volterra Dental to learn more about how cosmetic veneers can help improve your smile. You can reach the office by phone or online. Book your appointment now.