Intravenous sedation can be used for a wide range of different procedures and allow our patients to feel comfortable and actually relaxed during their visit with us. Some offices refer to IV Sedation as “sleep dentistry” because many patients experience no pain during their procedure and also feel as if their time passed by very quickly. The anti-anxiety sedative used in IV sedation also causes patients to have a little-to-no recollection of their treatment, even though you are technically conscious during the entire thing!

It is our goal to make our patients feel comfortable, relaxed, and calm each time they are in our office. Call us or request an appointment today and we will be happy to discuss all your options and any questions you may have.

There is no need to fear the dentist anymore! Give us a call at (562) 501-3188 or schedule your appointment online today.

Dr. Richard Blackburn Image
Dr. Richard Blackburn is a highly sought after dentist in Los Alamitos. Having received training at Midwestern University, he earned a strong reputation amongst his instructors and peers as an exceptionally skilled and professional clinician. He possesses extensive training and experience in wisdom teeth extractions, root canals, restorations, implant placement, sleep, and TMJ analysis, among other general dentistry treatments. In addition to enjoying family time, he loves to visit the beach. Being born and raised in Southern Orange County, he is keen to give back to the community and strives to build lasting relationships through comfortable, customized, and high-quality dental treatments.