A Dentist in Los Alamitos, CA, Describes the Purpose, Cost, and Benefits of Partial Dentures

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If you have lost confidence in your smile due to the extraction or loss of permanent adult teeth, you are not alone. Dr. Richard Blackburn and the entire team at Volterra Dental in Los Alamitos, California, are here to assist with tooth replacement options. Partial dentures are a wonderful and affordable way for patients to replace one or more teeth within the dental arch. Today we will discuss the purpose, cost, and benefits of partial dentures.

What is a partial denture?

Dr. Richard Blackburn describes the partial denture as an appliance with a metal frame that snaps into place within the dental arch and replaces one or several teeth. This removable restoration allows for easy care and cleaning as well as simple adjustments in the dental office if needed.

What is the purpose of the partial denture?

The partial denture is intended to replace teeth economically while ensuring patients have a natural smile, and the smile functions as it should for eating and speaking.

How much do partial dentures cost?

Partial dentures are one of the more affordable options for patients in the Los Alamitos, California area. In fact, patients who have dental insurance are advised to bring their insurance information and cards to their appointment. Our front office team can determine if benefits can cover most or all of the cost of the partial denture for a patient. We work directly with insurance companies to make it easier than ever to utilize your benefits.

What are the benefits of partial dentures?

Some of the benefits of partial dentures include:

  • Easy to take in and out for care and cleaning
  • Easy to adjust with the help of a dentist
  • Replacement of one or several teeth in the upper or lower arch
  • Natural-looking false teeth that function as they should
  • Affordability for patients on a budget

Learn more about partial denture

If you have experienced tooth loss or extraction and are interested in speaking to a professional regarding your tooth replacement options. We welcome you to the practice of Volterra Dental in Los Alamitos, California. We are located at 3532 Howard Avenue, Ste. #200, and accepts new patients who schedule an appointment at (562) 501-3188.

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