Discover How Dental Implant Services in Los Alamitos, California, Can Restore Your Smile

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Tooth loss can be a traumatic experience. It disrupts the function, appearance, and balance of your smile. Whether a single tooth or multiple teeth are lost, dysfunction occurs. Dental implants are a permanent option to replace missing teeth. Dr. Richard Blackburn at Volterra Dental offers teeth implants and restorative services for patients near me in Los Alamitos, California, and the surrounding areas.

Tooth loss changes your smile

Our teeth have roots, which are below the gumline, and crowns, which are above the gums and are visible. Many people only consider the crown when a tooth is lost, but the root plays crucial roles in how the teeth function. The tooth root has the following roles:

  • Stabilizing the dental crown
  • Bearing the weight of chewing
  • Stimulating the jawbone to keep it healthy

While losing one tooth can disrupt the delicate balance in the mouth, the loss of several teeth causes significant change. The remaining teeth may shift. Bacteria build up in crevices and hard to reach areas. This can lead to problems with the adjacent teeth or gum disease. Without a tooth root in place, the jawbone may begin to deteriorate. Restorative services such as dental implants enhance the function and appearance of the smile.

Dental implants improve facial appearance

Bridges or dentures are often used to replace multiple missing teeth. However, these only replace the crown, not the root. As such, bone resorption can occur, giving your face a sunken, unnatural, or aged appearance. A dental implant replaces and assumes the role of the tooth root. By replacing the root, the jawbone and supportive tissues are maintained. Patients regain fuller, more youthful facial features. 

Depending on the number of teeth lost, a single tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire arch can be replaced with implants. A single implant and crown can replace an individual tooth. Multiple implants can be topped with separate crowns, an implant-supported bridge, or an implant-retained denture. Regardless of the number of teeth implants needed, the end result is a smile that looks natural and functions normally.

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